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TV Installs

Installing a TV in your home has endless possibilities however wall mounting is a fan favourite of ours. Done correctly it can look slick and elegant.
We have been installing TVs on wall brackets for many years and have extensive experience in different techniques. 

Wires hidden in a brick wall
This process involves cutting a channel in your wall to house new wires. The channel will need to be cut from an existing socket and run to behind where the TV will be located. We will then install a new socket behind the TV to provide the power. The channel will then be filled ready to sand and paint at a later date

Wires hidden in a plasterboard wall

Similar process to a brick wall however a lot less messy. A new socket will be installed behind the TV however the wires will get safely run behind the plasterboard wall instead of in a cut out channel. Minimal filling, sanding and painting required with this install.

Wires hidden in plastic trunking
This process involves a piece of plastic trunking attached to the wall to enclose any wires. The trunking will be visible however can be painted to a preferred colour. This is the cheaper of the options however in our opinion isn't the best finish

Sky Q wall mount
Sky Q boxes can also be wall mounted behind TVs to allow for the look to be 'wire free' Specialist brackets can be supplied and installed to mount your Sky Q box to the wall. We can also extend Sky cables if the source is not long enough. 

Variations of the above can also be done. We can also supply the correct bracket for the TV and advise on any ideas or installs we have previously done. 


           Trunking Install          

           Socket behind TV install          

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