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A house fire is a very scary thought!

What about a house fire where the installed smoke alarm isn't working? 

What about a house fire where there isn't even an alarm installed?

1 in 2 elderly people have never checked their smoke alarm

4 in 10 don't even have an alarm installed.

Scary statistics!

I bet you now thinking

"Has my gran, has my granddad got a smoke alarm?"

"Have they checked it works recently?"

My Local handyman are now in a position to offer a free smoke alarm assessment for elderly residents. Should the installed alarm not be working, we will repair it or we will replace it for Free. If there isn't an alarm installed we will install one for Free!

A few minor conditions

- Resident/s must live alone and be over the age of 75

- Residents must live within an NP postcode.

South Wales Fire Service also offer an amazing free service, but why use them when they could be needed to save someones lives.

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